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Oakwood Twin Set

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  • Endorsed and used by Cliff Barnsby - leading UK & international saddle makers.
  • Proven effective in Australia, North America & Japan.
  • All natural conditioner - contains Australian bush ingredients.
  • Superior penetration - repels water & won't come off on clothes.
  • Cleans, preserves & softens to make your leather last longer.
  • Economical - one Twin Set goes a long way!

The Oakwood Twin Pack - two products that work together to take the hard work out of tack care by two simple steps:
1. Clean with the Oakwood Liquid Leather Cleaner. No water needed. Simply apply with a damp cloth to remove oil, grease and dirt. Then wipe off.
2. Condition the leather with the Oakwood Leather Conditioner. Apply with a soft cloth and buff gently. Quickly absorbed and easy to use.

Make your life easier, save time and try the Oakwood Twin Set.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Twin Set 22.20 Buy now!

Oakwood Leather Conditioner

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Formulated to maintain, soften and protect all leather saddlery and tack items. Conditions leather saddles, harness gear, bridles, riding & dress boots & other leather accessories.

Save 2 by buying the 500g Leather Conditioner & 500ml Leather Cleaner together. Click here

Leather Conditioner Tube 125g 6.50 Buy now!
Leather Conditioner Tub 500g 12.90 Buy now!
Leather Conditioner Stable Size Tub 860g 18.00 Buy now!

Oakwood Leather Cleaner
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A specially formulated neutral pH leather cleaning soap that deeply removes dirt, grime and other stains from leather saddles, harnesses, boots, and other leather tack accessories.

Save 2 by buying the 500g Leather Conditioner & 500ml Leather Cleaner together. Click here

Leather Cleaner 500ml 11.40 Buy now!

Oakwood Hoof Conditioner

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Designed to condition the hoof to protect and prevent dryness and cracking. Contains natural ingredients including lanolin and emu oil which helps condition the hooves.
Hoof Conditioner 1kg 17.40 Buy now!