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The cleaning phase consists of multiple products so you can choose which application best suits your individual needs. Each product in this phase will ensure removal of heavy dirt, grime stains and grease.


The conditioning phase also consists of multiple products to best suit your needs. Conditioning is essential to keeping the natural texture and lustre to your leather gear. It also provides vital protection and nourishment, which your hard-earned leather gear deserves.


The maintenance formulation cleans and protects the surface of your leather protecting against further wear. It’s the convenience and ease of use, which makes this phase ideal for everyday use.

Oakwood’s Best Saddle Conditioners, Leather Cleaners & Maintenance Products

Oakwood Leather Conditioner, probably the best saddle conditioner and leather treatment available

At Oakwood we stock, what believe are the best leather treatments available today, that will take the hard work out of tack care and give a flawless result. Our products although designed originally for saddle and tack care, can just as easily be used on leather furniture, motor cycle seats, leather clothing, boots etc. In fact, any leather products. It is not suitable for newbuck or suede. We import all our products from Oakwood’s native Australia.

Oakwood leather cleaning products include a traditional tin of glycerine saddle soap that will hydrate and clean with a neutral Ph balance. Another glycerine cleaner comes in a handy spray and provides the same cleaning and rejuvenating properties with the added convenience of a spray and it protects stitching. Our best, selling Liquid Saddle Soap is stronger and more concentrated than most, so it removes heavy dirt grime, stains and grease. It too will hydrate as it cleans. Buy individually, or if you like a bargain, as part of our Twin Set with the Oakwood Leather Conditioner. See our feature product.

After cleaning your leather, you need to replace the natural oils with a conditioner to keep the leather supple and rehydrated. The Oakwood Leather Conditioner, contains natural Australian bush ingredients and comes in 3 handy sizes. It is easily applied with a damp cloth and then simply buffed off with a dry cloth. It is so easy to use, and no hard rubbing is necessary. A little goes a long way and it lasts and lasts, making it very economical. The bush ingredients ensure good absorption and water resistance. For those who prefer to use a more tradition leather oil, the Oakwood Leather Oil Spray, is formulated to make new leather lovely and supple and to restore old, dry leather. It’s also considered among riders to be the best Saddle Conditioner on the market, ensuring your Saddle remains supple and hydrated.

If you pick up dust and dirt whilst riding and need to maintain that flawless finish, a quick buff with our Leather/Synthetic Wipes will do the trick. The wipes are larger than average and will restore and protect. Tack care at its best.