Leather Saddle Cleaner

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Keeping your saddle and riding gear in a clean condition is more important than you may think.

If dirt and grime is not regularly removed with a good leather saddle cleaner, it can build up over time, and when it is eventually removed can cause discolouration and damage to your saddle.

Leather saddle cleaner is an essential product for any rider. It is designed for regular use and will prevent dirt build-up, stitching damage, and discolouration.

With Oakwood products, cleaning your tack doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming task. Shop our leather saddle soap, sprays, and soap + conditioner bundles today for all-natural, highly effective leather tack treatment.

We use natural ingredients in all of our tack cleaning products, because we believe this promotes the performance and longevity of the leather.

Our cleaning range includes liquid saddle soap and a glycerine leather cleaner spray, so you can choose the method and ingredients that work for you.

Our liquid saddle soap is simply applied with a damp cloth, without the need for any additional water. Work into the leather with small circular motions to remove grease and dirt. Then, wipe with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

If you prefer a spray method for your riding gear, consider our Oakwood glycerine spray. Glycerine is great for replacing the natural oils of your saddle and offers excellent shine. This is a quick and convenient cleaning method, and as a spray, makes it easy to clean those tricky to reach areas. Better yet, our Glycerine spray will protect the stitching and colour of your tack.

All of our cleaning products are best used with an Oakwood conditioner afterwards. Our conditioners are natural and designed to promote the suppleness and moisture resistance of your leather. Check them out today or consider our bundle deals for saddle soap and conditioner.

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