How To Effectively Clean Your Tack

Dated: 29 September 2016

Leather saddles and tack gear are very expensive items and it is important to feed, preserve and protect the leather to prolong its life.  Leather is a natural skin with pores that need to breathe, so it’s important to remove any oil, grease dirt and perspiration, to ensure good absorption of the leather conditioner.  Try the Oakwood CleanCondition and Maintain routine.

Step One….Cleaning.

Use your preferred Oakwood leather cleaning product.    We have a bottle of liquid saddle soap or a spray on glycerine leather cleaner, whichever you prefer for your own ease of use because both work effectively.   Apply cleaner with a damp cloth – no further water is necessary.  Use circular movements, the cleaner will remove any dirt, oil, grease and perspiration.  Then simply wipe with a clean, dry soft cloth.  It couldn’t be easier.

Step Two…..Conditioning

Because the leather doesn’t get wet, you are ready to follow immediately with Oakwood Leather Conditioner. There are 3 sizes to choose from, getting cheaper in price per ml., the larger you go.  As previously stated, the Oakwood Leather Conditioner will feed, preserve and protect the leather.  Apply with a dry soft cloth or sponge and then buff off.  You only need a little so it is very cost effective.  It will not stain clothes and it is water resistant.  You will see that if you spray water on the leather after conditioning, it will not soak in but just run off.

Step Three…..Maintain

Now your saddle and tack are looking amazing, if you just need to give them a quick lift then the Oakwood Leather and Synthetic Wipes would be just the thing for you.  Any dust and dirt, picked up whilst showing or competing, can be simply wiped away, leaving your tack looking immaculate. These wipes are quite large, again creating ease of use.

There you go, it couldn’t be easier and you will be amazed by the result.

Don’t just use our Leather Conditioner on your tack because it is great for boots, car seats, sofas, motorcycle seats and just about any leather you have.  It is not designed for newbuck.  We make leather conditioner for Dubarry and we have made it for Barnsby, so that should tell you it’s top quality

Why use Oakwood Leather Care products?   There are a number of good reasons to try Oakwood:

  • It is very cost effective. 
  • So little is used, it lasts and lasts.
  • It is all natural, containing Australian bush ingredients,
  • It is water resistant
  • It won’t stain clothing
  • It is a top quality product. 

So, where can you buy Oakwood products?  Check out this website for products and bargains.  You can buy it too from shows and from some Tack Shops. If your local Tack Shop does not stock Oakwood, please ask them about it and we will be glad to visit them and give a demonstration.

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